Sports & Fitness Training Program

Our goal is to bring your teams Nutrition & Fitness to an elite level with our Nutrition Hub, periodization plan, running & strength program. We will look after the above allowing management & selectors to focus on football/hurling drills and tactics during the season

The Plan

  • Setup a nutrition hub (cookbook, recipes, extra home workouts, nutrition hints and tips)on facebook, whatsapp or telegram and monitor players eating & training habits during the week
  • Monitor players body composition (Weight, bodyfat, muscle mass & hydration) using a bioimpedance scales at the start of the program and once every month
  • Design a running program to monitor the planners endurance (we will check progress on a monthly basis)
  • Design a strength program for the players to improve strength and reduce injury (we will check on a monthly basis)
  • Design a periodization plan for the full season, this will be a 4 week cycle built around the match schedule (week 1 easy, week 2 medium, week 3 hard, week 4 recovery)

Email: to book an appointment for more details on how you can get your team setup on this system.

Really excited to getting you started!

Guaranteed results if you follow our system

You can also purchase the program directly from our website and Mick will get in touch with you to get you started!


Teams I’ve worked with: