FIT21 Benefits & Rewards

On our FIT21 we only want you to pay the full price once!

Our mission is to help 2021 people in our local area get healthier and in the best shape of their lives.

By helping us get the local community healthier, there are lots of potential benefits for you such as membership discounts of 25-50% on your nutritional package.

Parklife Benefits & Rewards

With our loyalty bonus program you simply earn points based on the monthly membership.

  • 5 points are added each month to your points card, when you reach 55 points you get a months training for free.
  • You can reach the 55 points quicker by referring a friend, for each friend you refer and joins you receive 18 points.

Email: and we’ll organise our first call

Really excited to getting you started!

You can also purchase the program directly from our website and Mick will get in touch with you to get you started!

Learn more about our programs by clicking the link below.